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Boil 1 cup Arhar Dal in pressure cooker on medium flame with some KBM
Salt and KBM Turmeric Powder. Boil and muddle it properly ensuring all
grain breaks and it forms a pure consistency. Keep the boiled Dal aside.
Heat 50ml Refined Oil in kadhai on high flame. Add ½ teaspoon Mustard
Seeds. Let it crackle. Add 6-7 pieces Curry Leaves. Add ½ piece Onion cut
into dices. Add 1 peeled Drumstick cut into cylindrical shape. Add ⅛
teaspoon KBM Turmeric Powder. Add 1 teaspoon KBM Kashmiri Red
Chilli Powder. Add 1 teaspoon KBM Black Pepper Powder. Add 2
teaspoons KBM Sambhar Masala. Add KBM Salt to taste and keep
stirring. Add 20gm Eggplant cut into cylinders. Add 1½ pieces Tomatoes
cut into dices. Stir gently. Add 2 cups Water. Cover it and let it cook on low
flame for 5-7 minutes. Remove lid and add boiled Dal kept aside to curry.
Add 1 cup Water. Cover it and cook it on slow flame for 7-8 minutes. Add
½ cup Imli Water or Tamarind Water. Serve hot.

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